Multiple UV maps "seam" problem

Hi, I was wondering if any of you could help me with my problem!

I’m currently UV mapping segments of a UV sphere. Each 8th of the globe gets its own image- I’m creating an earth.

The earth is for a simulator made in jMonkeyEngine3, so there is a limit on texture sizes. The map needs to be of good quality, so I’m effectively applying
a separate texture to different parts of the globe, effectively “splitting it” and making the texture the sum of smaller textures. This seems to work so far.

However, I find I get this problem:

There is a thin “seam”. When applying the UV maps, I have aligned them exactly to the images (or smaller than), but it does not help. Looking online, this seems
an issue that can occur. Sites recommend “baking”, but I cannot get this to do anything helpful. Does anybody have any advice, or tips and tricks?

Thank you

Im guessing your using Mercator Projection if you are in the uv mapping window for each texture try scaling in x axis(press “a” then “s followed by .9999”)