Multiple UV maps

Hello, first time poster and very new Blender user here.

Here’s my predicament:

I’m currently using Sketchup to create models which are being imported into the Unreal Engine 4 gaming engine. But UE4 requires lightmaps to be apart of static meshes, which is what I’m currently using Blender for.

I’ve been following this video here to do just that:

However, when I import Sketchup files into Blender, I have multiple (up to 12!) UV maps listed.

I really only need 2 channels for UE4. One for the textures/materials and the other for the lightmaps. Just like the video.

I’ve tried to add a lightmap uv ontop of the 12 already there but it either doesn’t work in Blender or UE4.

How do I go about fusing all those UV maps into just the one?


PS, my problem is also illustrated in this tutorial here but unfortunately it doesn’t really say how to fix it.

Do you have a example blend file?

I watched your video link, in what appears he used a smart UV unwrap (which allows for a slight overlap of assigned texture or color at it’s seem) on what may have been pre-baked maps. “The ones he exported to then import into the other software” So you may want to check into Baking textures / maps. To then have them to export to import…

Otherwise you have no UV map to export unless you have the maps created already and he is only showing how to unwrap only; where your UE4 software can then decide how to import it and then lay it out once it was already unwrapped correctly.

IGE: Using a checkered table cloth as my UV map to unwrap on steer head. Once that is mapped UE4 knows how to assign it within it’s engine. If those are light maps like Spec maps or Ambient Occlusion maps they have yet to be baked. (As he did not bother to elaborate about that… (Ahh Youtube… it could be worse there could have been some loud music and no speech)