multiple uvs fall back to first layer in GE

Hi, a small explanation of my blend:

i created two uv layers, one that makes textures tile, one that has them spread across the whole object. Then i assigned two materials to one object (Water / Sand) next to each other. I used nodes that take the vertex colors to blend in another texture to cover the area where the first two textures meet.
The first two textures use the tile-uv.The cover-tex uses the streched-uv.

Now, in the viewport everything looks right, but as i <p> into GE the cover-tex falls back to the tile-uv.

Can anyone point me to where i made the mistake?


Second try: also not working

here, i´m using different vertex-color layers to blend the textures, only bge wont show it right.

Well, the first one seems to work for me. What I see in the editor is shown in realtime! Maybe it’s your PC?!