multiple videotextures


is there a possibility to play several videos as textures on different objects? i checked the methods from, the one from Monster from 2011 and the old one from the blenderwiki but nothing works.

thanks in advance


Yes, you can as long as you use different materials.

My demo already does that.


I set up a Plane with four Materials (Material0, Material1,…) and duplicate the plane in-game via python script.
Then MAMaterial0, MAMaterial1, MAMaterial2, MAMaterial3 are adressed by python script. But only MAMaterial0 is found. Seraching the other Materials the console says: Object doesn’t have material with given name.

You should use four different planes with four different materials.

Ok i understand. I wanted to dynamically load new planes and unload them. i thought it would be a better performance to generate planes if i need them.

Thank you peepz!