Multiple view point rendering

I want to post an animation for critique and it would be nice if I could create a single movie that displays that animation from multiple view points.

How can someone create a multiple view point rendering in Blender?

I suppose you would render it from each view point? Either by moving the camera or create multiple cameras, rendering from each one.

Or am I missing the point of the question?

If I render from say 3 different view point, I then have 3 different movies. I want a single movie that displays the animation playing simultaneously from different view points so that someone can analyze and critique the animation. It would look sort of like a multiplayer console game played on a single television.

How can I create a single movie that will have these simultaneous view points animations?

i don’t think you can. You’ll have to composite the 3 videos afterwards.

on second thought, there are crazy ways in which you CAN accomplish this, in THEORY.

  1. use a series of mirrors to reflect the scene into the camera. :slight_smile:
  2. use env. map as a ‘render to texture’ function and map the textures into a planar faces that face the camera.

I don’t think i should go into detail as to how to accomplish those because they are just silly ideas.

You can use Border Render (F10, Render tab, Shft-B to draw the border) on each camera. Set Camera-1’s border at top-left, Camera-2 at top-right etc, render from each camera then put those together in the Sequence Editor.


It sounds like using some video compositing software would be the easiest way to do this.

Blender’s video sequencer IS compositing software.

I also want to achieve the same thing a side-by-side two camera render for making 3D output for the youtube ( see )

I quite a noob but want to make a script that will do this, any help would be nice :slight_smile:

Off for a play with the sequence editor.

This is what a film-editor does for a living.

No, seriously. The first step in the process is to produce the footage from each point-of-view. (Save time: use the “Render This Window” button at the bottom of the 3D window.) Once you’ve got each piece, you turn to a video editor/compositing program (which can be Blender…) to assemble it into your picture. Then, go back and do finishing touches on those portions of each film-strip that you’ve actually decided you’re going to use.

Remember that you can use video as a texture-input in Blender, so it’s perfectly okay to “put a movie onto a billboard” as the means of combining multiple shots into the final presentation. As usual, “there’s more than one way to do it.”

Movies don’t come out of the computer like Venus popping out of the water on a clam shell: they’re assembled, “piece by piece, part by part.” It’s rather interesting to see when a piece really “flows” or “has rhythm to it” and you know just how much meticulous work went into every freakin’ inch.

A very simple way to do what you are doing is to set up the scene as you like, with one camera. Then create a new scene with full object data copy, and re-position the camera/change render timeframe as necessary. All IPO keys will be preserved in the second one.

Actually what should be done is to make a “+” button in rendering settings, where you can add aditional rendering cameras. Maya have this feature.

Sometimes I have few cameras in scene and I need to render them out, so I leave my computer for the night and in the morning I have all views. In blender it is not possible…

small thing, but would be very useful.

Maybe here is someone who can make it? Maybe even as an add-on…

Yes please (add-on), I was about to make a thread asking about rendering from more than one camera for the same scene, so that I can edit afterwards.
In Maya multiple cameras can be set in the render tab, and in command line the file renders from multiple cameras from a single file command.

I hope I am wrong and that this is possible in blender, sigh have to save out multiple scenes now.

Just do as ejand says, the easiest way is to duplicate the scene. In the compositor have a render input for each scene each outputting to separate file output nodes. You’ll end up with two sets of renders each in their own folder. This just replaces rendering out the scene twice from two camera positions… Then you can do whatever you want with the renders.
I’m sure an addon could be written to automate this but the functionality is there. As this is a relatively old thread it doesn’t look like anyone has come forward with a desperate need to write such an addon.

One of the reasons why you’re never going to see this, is that it’s both difficult and unnecessary to “hit three renders at once.” When you see three movies playing at once, all three of them may need to be edited-down, and any of them might need to be replaced. So, compositing gives you the ability to do just that.

If you’ve never studied what a film-editor does … all of the so-called “post-production” things that go on … you should seriously (and quickly) do so. It really is the case that “the output of the renderer is a raw-material, not the finished product.”

Although it may be possible for a single render, taking however-many we-don’t-care hours to produce, to finally cause “a beautiful image to pop out of a shell on the seashore” like :eek: Venus :eek: … that really is not how the magic is actually done. Just like in a recording studio, “first you get all the tracks you need, each one isolated and clean and dry, then you mix them down.”

Many thanks Richard, and true this isn’t a common occurrence.