multiple VSE alpha strips

I can not do more then one alpha over strip at a time. I have 2 alpha images and a background. I have in the past rendered 2 together then that combination with the reaming image. Understand? I do not know how to render more then one alpha over or under in BI VSE.

[Obi-wan voice] Use the compositor, Luke. [/Obi-wan voice]

Wow I had a audio vision just before I clicked on here. “It said use your head dumb donkey” I’ll do that. The compositor that is.

Really? I often stack alpha strips in the vse. What version are you using?

I cant get it to work in any version. Why do you not just tell me how you do it?
I selected 2 and then alpha over then then 2 more and alpha over . or I have selected 3 and alpha over. I have tried so many combos and it wont work. It is only curiosity now as I should have done it in nodes to start. Its been rendered now but I still want to know.

You dont need to add it in as an effect, just change the blend type on the strip in the properties panel to Alpha Over…

Oh maybe i was doing it a old 2.49 way or have i been doing it the hard way that long? Thanks

Yeah, in this case, you probably have. The hardest thing to deal with for me, in the VSE, is “all those strips!” Stacked up, it would seem, a mile high.

Without suggesting that the node-editor doesn’t also have its own unique way of using-up screen space … :yes: … I do find that a node-network is a much easier way to set-up what you want to happen and to visualize what is happening. (Being able to attach a “viewer” node anywhere and to see its output in the backdrop is very useful indeed.) Yeah, I guess I’m saying that it is much more debuggable.

Working with the compositor and the sequencer, to me, are two different tasks… compositing is for a single shot, making it sit / doing fancy post processing etc.etc. the sequencer, is for editing… aligning audio, adding overlays to the shots, cross fades etc.etc. just making that separation of when to use each editor is and when to use them.

Then use an addon to send the edited strip/strips over to the compositor for finishing :wink: