multiple weapons

If i have more than one weapon, i would need different anims(animation) for it right? well thats my problem, i made an anim for the pistol, but when the auto is equiped it hase the same anim.

also, in the first level you get your first weapon. how do i make it so he starts out with none, then can use the ons he slowly accuires(sp?).

oh yeah how do i apply the flash on the muzzle as a pulsing anim.

thanks for the help, just PM me if you want to see the blend.

properties [use replace mesh actuator to switch weapons, properties to determine if you can]

textured obcolor flagged faces in add mode, and ipos on the color channels [of the objects] played by an ipo actuator

thank you very much :smiley:

but what about the first one about different gun anims?

(sorry if that /\ makes me sound unthankfull).