Multiple window model - change thickness or size


this is my first question here on blenderartist, i think. I hope you guys can help me or just discuss it with me how one can solve it :slight_smile:

Here’s the blend file: fenster problem.blend (1.42 MB)

I have modeled multiple window for a building, all with different size / width, but all have the same frame thickness.

Now the thickness was set at the very beginning, hoping the customer wont change it later… but now they do want to change the thickness. What i could do is of course go into each one and change it one by one, or delete all but one window and then copy it multiple times, readjusting the size everytime - or is there a better way to do it?

I know what i’m asking blender to do is almost like a parametric program to do like archicad, but I just wonder if I can rig manually one window and just copy the rig multiple times?

My Idea is like parenting a group of vertex to another vertex for example, so i can change the width of a window just by changing the dimension of the “parent” object. And then for frame thickness… maybe using shape keys but shape keys with starting position of 0 - i cant figure that out to work.

I didnt use Archimesh because the set up i have for the window - like how the frame is actually to be built is different from archimesh default window. And they have strangely parented theri object to an empty in the middle of the window, instead of the sides. It’d be easier to snap if they got it on one side.

Another side question: For one window i got about 7 different part parented to an empty on the side - should I merge all 7 parts in one object? And… because of a small bevel (for realism) on the edge, It’s sometime harder to snap to the corner of the object - bc. the corner got beveled as well.

Sorry for the long first timer question, but i figure it’d be nice to discuss how would different people coming up with different solutions and method of work.


You can take advantage of parent child relationship, the good thing is you have already empties to handle that so selecting the empties that x axes are pointed in the same direction you can scale them of x axe, watch out the door handle better unparent it first, then do the scale.
And then do the Y axe.
If i m unclear, please ask more i can do a short video.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks for the reply!

First of all thanks for the mods to post my question even though I have lika 0 posts before. I pledge to post more to this amazing forum! :slight_smile:

SO you mean i should just scale the empty? If i do that doesnt that means the frame thickness changes as well?
If the different objects, the frame with 8cm thickness parented to the empty, and then i scale the empty, doenst that mean the frame thickness getting scaled as well? Or did i misunderstood what you mean?