Multiple Windows OPen at ONce

(sonic-2nd) #1

Hello, I plan on creating a model of Sonic in Blender. Being accustomed to othe programs, I can view side, top and front at once. With this program, I have to choose top, side, or back view after I do everything.

I remember doing this sometime ago(back then when there were more newbie-friendly tutorials, but since I’ve gotten back to belnder I’ve forgoten how to do this and the odd interface makes it even more complicated to figure out.

So how can I do this?


(theeth) #2

right click on the divisions between windows and choose Split.


(Showtime) #3

Or you can choose the “screen_001” layout which splits the layout into 3 windows. Then simply change each window to suit your needs.

(sonic-2nd) #4

Thanks ALOT guys…and like every other 3d modelling program, I think Blender should’ve STARTED OUT like that when you bring it up… now I’m off to 3dmodeling! Now I can FINALLY progress on the game I plan on creating!

(meestaplu) #5

You can have your copy start out that way by setting it up with four windows and saving user defaults (Ctrl + U).