multiples objects in one scene

Hi there,

As far as i know, i can’t add a second object in my scene. I’ve tried adding a new mesh but when i switch to object mode, the second mesh is part of the first one. So when i want to apply different materials to the two objects, i jjust can’t. I’ working on a motorbike fork and i don’t manage to have the inner and outer tubes as different objects for material purpose.
I can’t find any help in the docs, maybe because i’m not searching correctly.
May someone please help me ?

Thx by advance.


What you did is adding another object in edit mode and you probably want to add it in object mode. So get out of object mode by pressing TAB and add your object or select the verts of your object in edit mode and press Skey to seperate.

Hope it helps

gr, Twan :smiley:

i’ll give a look at that tonight
I’m pretty sure you’re right

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