multiply alpha's the right way? (node editor)

Hi there,

This might be a weird thing but multiplying 2 images with alpha is not going the way I want to and I can’t get it to work.
So I have Image A and B and I want to get C but I can’t get that to work in the node editor.

My idea was to first render out the person without the background and put it in the VSE to combine with the rest of the movie.


Whichever way you go, you’ll still have to deal with the same problem: Alpha masking.

To do that, add a Color Mix node. Plug the Alpha of your mask into the Fac, the other image into the bottom Image input of the Mix node. You can use another image or just a color for the remaining free socket of the Mix node. Add a viewer, check.

Ah thank you, I never thought of that one.
Right now I take the alpha’s as separate (RGB)images, than multiply them (This does give a proper result).
After that I combine the 2 images and the new created alpha into the result I want.