Multiply character

I have one character mesh and rig that I want to link to another file, but I want multiple intances of this character with diffrent animations. Whenever I link a character twice, It use the existing rig to move it. How can I convice it to use is own rig?

Do anyone know hoe to do this? is it possible?

Do I realy have to duplicate the rig?

It is not possible yet. It is one of the features Gooseberry development is supposed to bring to Blender, so wait and see. I agree it is annoying right now, but… remember, 3dsmax users can’t even link anything !


3D Max user’s cannot link??! so what do they do?
anyway, thanks.
I have another question. I wan’t to create a group dance. I mean, multiple character with the same mesh, the same rig, and the same animation, just in other places in the space.
something like that:

Is there any modifier or something that can generate it? I think I once so a video that shows something that can do it and add a little diffrence bitween the instances, so it is more realistic.
(hope you got me, sorry about my bad english)

They make sure their rig is flawless before they start animating. :smiley: (I am not a Max user myself so there might be a workaround somehow, this is just what I heard from fellow animators)

Yes, you can use a geometry cache. It is a file generated from an animation that you apply onto a mesh (the same mesh the file was generated from) to have it animate without the need for a rig. What it does is it moves the vertices frame after frame. So if your character is made of one object, this is going to be simple. Otherwise you’ll have to export a .pc2 file (point cache it’s called) for each and every object your character is made of and import it again for each and every object. I’ve never really used that in the past (not in Blender anyway) so I don’t know whether you can use instances with point cache, I guess you can. If you need a lot of characters this is going to speed things up (rendering especially).