Multiply Objects to one Rig (Newbie Rigger)

I am new to rigging and so I have looked on youtube and google for this answer and while the information on it was useful it’s more to a skilled rigger and not someone like me the reason I want to do it is I made a character with Daz studio which has clothes on it and now I want to make the model have a rig I used Rigfy and got the rig sized and everything to a good human size I have it so that blender shows the size in metric sizes aka Meters and alike.

All the Bones are lined up to the parts of the model but as the model is large in it has many parts/objects I cant join them all as one as it would cause more issues then it would solve as I have not set and edges/seams yet I Would be willing to share the model with someone if they can help me with understanding what I need to do to get it from being a model with a skeleton on the inside to a fully moveable character

I am sorry if this is the wrong section to ask for help but as I am new to this place I thought I go for the most likely place first then have it moved to the right place by a mod/admin

Might want to post a blend. You can post it at and let us know the URL.
We can’t see what you are looking at. How many objects? Clothes? How many parts and what are they? How did you align the bones? Did you generate the rig or not? etc.What are you going to do with the model. Using it just for Blender or are you going to export it to a game engine? It makes a big difference. What movements are you planning to do with the model? etc. Need a lot more details to help you out.

the site would not be able to host my model I have uploaded it to my mega account so its easier as that has a larger limit on file size

Demeruge From Overlord Anime Model

at the moment the rig in not Generated as I have not worked out best way to get the model to work with the meta rig that rigify made

OK. First of all, if you are asking a rigging question, you do not need to put all those textures in a file. That just makes it too big. Secondly, don’t use a non standard type of file like RAR because a lot of people won’t download or pay for the program you need to access it. Bad, bad newby!

Enough on the admonition. On to the good parts. You need to put the pieces back together. If you are done with your texturing etc. you can just join the parts back together. I would do it this way with control J.

So what you have to rig is a body, eyes, teeth, glasses, and hair. tail. and it looks like you were trying to put earrings on it but I couldn’t tell. If so, put those in the body as well. Your mesh is quite dense for animation so you may also need to make a proxy mesh to animate this depending on your hardware.

On your Meta rig. You have unapplied scale. Apply the scale before you do anything else. Control A. Also go into edit mode and make sure your bone rolls are correct for this rig.

If you are going to use rigify, you should be able to generate it and then you will need to check the tail and add it to the rig. In the future, use the rigify adds if you want to generate those as well.

As far as skinning, you have some overlapping meshes so automatic weights will not work. You can probably use envelope weights and then you will need to manually adjust these in your weight paints on your vertex groups.

Since you said you were a newby, I would take a look at Dan Pro’s tutorials on rigging as well as Humane Rigging. Dan has about 300 minutes of how to use rigify, but most of it will apply to any armature, like weight painting. Nathan Vegdahl did Humane Rigging and also was the main driving force in rigify which others have contributed significantly to as well.
So grab yourself a six pack, sit back and watch the magic happen. Or at least get drunk for a good cause.

Post back on your progress.

I have made it down to the body glasses hair eyes tail and mouth I also used the Decimate modifier to reduce the number of faces and that and run a remove double verts so I am ready to go on to the next stage once I have watched the video’s you suggested will update after that

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the Daz model I used is to vert heavy so I am going to have to rebuild it from ground up thank you for your help