Multiply two shaders

hello all,

I would like to multiply two shaders together. I can use the Mix RGB node to multiply two nodes with different blend types (dodge, linear, multiply, add …) I would like to do this with two shaders. Is this somehow feasible?

Thanks for your help.

What exactly is your goal?
Why do you want to mix two shaders or what advantage would it give you before mixing the textures or materialmaps of the shader?

This doesn’t make any sense.
How do you want to approach multiplying/dodging normal maps or subsurface scattering that is processed by your shader?

What you probably want is mixing color input that is going into your shader as @DennisR wrote.

Maybe you can tell us what you want to achieve and we can tell you a way :slight_smile:

It could actually allow for some interesting possibilities.

We already have the ability to add and mix (which is in effect an average) shaders out of the box.

I also experimented subtracting shaders a few years back with interesting results:

There is an argument to be made that blender should include more generalised shader maths out of the box (multiply, divide, subtract etc).

I’m not currently aware of a way to multiply shaders.

hello to all and thank you for your answers!!!

yes i know it sounds strange.

As Moony indicated to experiment to generate random results with the shaders. I only have basic shader knowledge and often only generate desired results through sheer trial and error.

I lack the knowledge to combine the best of several complex shaders into one. So I had hoped by simply mixing the shaders would remedy this.

Thanks for your answers. many greetings and cheerz