MultiRes and Armature Animation

Hi everyone, Here’s the problem:

I’ve got a rigged character and I added detail to it with the multires feature. When the character is in rest position everything is just fine, but when I start moving it, the details begin to vanish as the movement increases.

I know that there is an option inside the multires panel that is called PIN, and that tells blender in which level of resolution to apply the modifiers. I’ve tried a few things, and for what I can see, when you tell blender to apply the modifiers in higher resolutions, the subdivided vertices just don’t get the right influence from the bones. And when you set PIN to 1, that is, you tell blender to apply the modifier to base level, the details vanish when you start moving the bones. I mean, just the details from the part you are moving, not from the whole mesh

I think it must be something that has to do with face normals and its transformations, and that transforming faces is not supported by multires.

Does anyone know if this problem is adressed??

Is the blender team working on it?

Or am I missing something?

A little correction, details do not vanish, what happens is that the direction of the displacement is altered somehow.

I also have a question about multires and armature animation. Do i assign all vertices in the higher levels of multires to the bones when naming groups, or do i just assign the basic mesh verts to the armature? If you know let me know. My email is [email protected]

I just did a small test with multires and i just assigned the basic level mesh to my bones and Thank God! Blender knows to propagate that to the higher levels. Thanx i answered my own question.

Hi immulett55, yes Blender does propagate the weights, but for some strange reason it does not do it correctly, or so it seems.
I really don´t know why, but it does not propagate the weights in the same way it does with the subsurf modifier.