Multires and Extrusion

Ok, I screwed up. I realize this now. I am trying to model a cat. (its going fairly well, as long as you look at it from the side.) I started by making polygon shapes for the head, but then I applied a multires to it to see if I could get it into any decent shape. I did manage to put quite a lot of work into it, but now I realize that I need more detail in my original mesh, partly for modeling the body and partly for modeling ears on the head. So, my question is, can I somehow create the primitave meshes I need for the rest of the body and then reapply my multires data to the head (I’d LIKE to preserve the layers if possible) ? somehow?

Once you’ve Applied it you’re probably stuck with it. Try looking in Alt-U in both Object and Editmode for “Original” just before “Add Multires” to get back.


Hmm. Never knew that was there. That won’t really work though, because The work I want to save is all in the more detialed layers of the multires. I can get everything I need out individually, but I’d never be able to reassmble it and I"ll be needing multires for the hsole model. I think I’ll just start over. I’ve learned some new things combing over threads anyway. Thanks.