Multires character rigging problem!

Hello guys and thanks in advance for any help that you can provide me with.

My problem is the following: I made a multires simple character and i rigged him. I used the same rig procedure and style for a human character and it worked perfectly 2 months ago.
But for some reason now when i create the same rig for this character it’s getting deformed and weigh painting it manually makes thing worse.

I’m desperate cause i am working on my dissertation right now and there isn’t anyone that can actually help me around here. So i would appreciate it extremely if you could help me out here.

These are the pictures of the character without and with rig.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Sorry, but there’s really not enough info there to go on… Did you build this armature from scratch, or did you append it from another character? Does the armature and character share the same center point? How is the armature applied to the mesh? Armature modifier or parenting? Did you apply scale and rot data to object with ctrl-a for both the mesh and armature? Could be lots of things…

Care to post a .blend?