Multires Modifier gives unexpected results

Hi. Can anyone explain please why Multires explodes my vertices sometimes? If I use Subdivision Modifier everything seems fine but if I want to use Multires instead I get unexpected explosions of vertices or some other artifact. But if I remove Multires and add it again, it can give another result this time, which is something I don’t understand. For example, I would add Multires and it would explode the vertex, I would then remove the modifier and add it again and this time everything could be alright.

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Why does this happen?

It’s because the multires modifier, even after a recent overhaul done specifically to avoid this artifact right here, is a garbage modifier that barely works and does this often.

What version of Blender are you using? What are you going to sculpt on to this axe? Honestly I’d recommend painting a greyscale displacement for this and foregoing multires since it’s a hardsurface model and you won’t be making huge alterations to the silhouette.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m using 2.90.1. I was going to sculpt some scratches and dents there and bake it to a low poly version. I’m quite new to Blender and wish to learn modeling for games and this baking method is something I saw on the internet many times. Do you think your approach with displacement would work better for such a thing?

I recommend that you do not rely on the MR modifier for profesional work. There has been some work on it recently however some of those dangling core issues with it seems to be still there. If you have repeatable steps for those vertex explosions please report it as a bug at

You can still use 2.79 for baking displacement maps from arbitrary high resolution meshes to low resolution meshes. Unfortunately Displacement baking has been removed from the 2.8x