multires vertex mess

Hello, I’ve spent several hours working on a mesh in sculpt mode with 5 iterations. After saving my work, i’ve reopened it and when I click on multires level 2, my mesh becomes a vertex chaos like a messed aluminum foil. Does anybody know what is happening to my mesh?

Sounds like your base mesh was either really low poly or a cube/sphere. It is possible to sculpt a face or anything you want out of a cube with six faces but you will nee a lot of multires iterations. The problem is when you go back to iteration 2 you get back something that is a cross between you sculpt in interation 7 and your base mesh a cube.

The best way to sculp is to start with a good base mesh that resembles the proportions of your final sculpt minus the fine detail. If you are sculpting a face make sure you hace correct edge lops for a face lips eyes and nose are defined with resonable defenition. Once yoyu have a good mesh go to sculpt mode and start sculpting with no multires. Once you are happy with the proportions of the model and happy to keep this as your base mesh add multi res and add detail.