Multiresolution artifacts

I made a cube added a multires modifier and subd several times.
After i sculpt the lower levels when switching to higher levels causes artfacts along the cubes edges.

Anyone know why this is ? Is it a bug, if so the multiresolution is almost unusable.

Not enough info, try uploading the blend. Using the grab brush at odd angles might be a possible cause.

its just a cube no need for .blend
My guess is that it is a bug, and only way to work is make base dense.

Well i can’t get the same result unless purposely trying to.

Edit: Sorry, misunderstood. Smoothing seems like a temp fix for the overlapping geometry but it reverts back with any changes to the sculpt subdivisions.

It’s a bug, abandon the use of Multires and either use Dyntopo or purchase Zbrush (or just sculpt on the highest level only and without the use of the reshape button, which is not ideal).

It’s that serious, no one has fixed it yet because it would require a total rewrite of that code (so unless a volunteer developer decides to do it, multires sculpting will arguably remain a broken feature that perhaps should just be removed from Blender).

Are you asking about dynotopo?

I have basically zero experience sculpting in Blender, but I think there’s some good info here from someone much more experienced

edit: nevermind. Looks like Ace Dragon answered the real question.

Yeap just what i thought, i do have a zbrush licence but i though to give blender a chance since you can have a
armature modifier with the multires.

thx man