Multiresolution modifyer can be compared to Sculpt layers in Mudbox ?

Hello everyone, i am a newbie in Blender,
and i am trying to understand how the sculpting works in Blender,
i notice that Sculpt mode dont has sculpt layers, which is essential in my experience with Mudbox,
i just want to know from experienced Blender users, if the Multiresolution can be a solution here, i think that yes, but i am not sure.

Any tips and advices about sculpting would be welcome

Thanks :eyebrowlift:

Multiresolution modifier is just like dividing in ZBrush

Nope, multiresolution doesn’t work as layers do in Mudbox or Zbrush, it just subdivides the mesh. Before 2.7 series there was some kind of bug that allowed to use several multiresolution modifiers on top of each other and it kinda worked like layers (only terribly slow). But since it was not the intended behaviour it no longer works.

Multires in Blender is more akin to using Shift-D to subdivide and Page Up/Down to cycle through the divisions in Mudbox.

Oh really thanks guys!
I tought this because you subdivide, and you can make adjustments in a lower level of subdivision without lose the details, that’s why for me looked like the Sculpt Layers.

But for what ive seen after this post Subdivision is better if you work in a base mesh, but Dyntopo is better in the majority of time