Multitexture demo

Hey all, a blender build with the material changes from my post Texture Demo, is ready.
here is a guide explaining what has been changed, but mostly experiment for yourself, and let me know
if something isn’t doing what you think it should be doing :slight_smile:

…a screen shot of the demo in action


thanks, snailrose

simply amazing snailrose! just wanna thank you for your had amazing work! :smiley:
you propose this yet?

and this is pretty impressive! but it runs at 158fps lol so its a little fast :slight_smile: hope to see it in cvs soon.

I’ll download the test build ASAP! (man, there are so many little cool things for the game engine now! hope they all come together into one single build!!! official or not, I would love to have all these goodies incorporated into ONE single build!)

Man… you did this? (the coding and stuff…?)…

:o :o :o :o …amazing work snailrose, amazing! I just downloaded it and played with it for a few minutes but Its getting really late now…heh, I’ll be fooling with this all day tomorrow though!

hope to see it in cvs soon

official or not, I would love to have all these goodies incorporated into ONE single build!)

most definintly…

I want to integrate this into the 2.38 / 2.40 official release !

:o Woah, the blender side of modeling finally reaches the GE.

%| Ah gosh darn it, now I got to familiarize myself with the materials panel again… One small step for snailrose a giant leap forward for the blender GE. Hehe, yup all these new developments for the GE is great. Hat’s off to you, kester, erwin, jorrit, dreamkatana, and Lagan, … (wonder if I’m missing someone).

Jason Lin

i agree with goldentaiji,great work guys!

thanx for sharing this snailrose.

hey all, thanks for the comments :slight_smile: If you find a bug, would you be so kind as to post it here
so it can be fixed, Out of curiosity what frame rate are you getting?
I’m running about 85 enabled, and 95 disabled, so it does add some overhead


Awesome!!! :o

I have been waiting for this for so long…

Thank you!!! :smiley:

(BTW, do you plan on incorporating multi-UV support? (For lightmaps and such…))

“Ah gosh darn it, now I got to familiarize myself with the materials panel again…”

:smiley: lol! Me too iam toooo lazy whith setting materials. This build is now my motivation…

Thank you very much Snailrose. Your demo is also GREAT. Nice modeling.

Could i ask you a sugestion to make it perfect? Maybe you can change just a little the girl’s siting position, because actually it looks like she is glued to the block… :wink:

And your yes, your “guide” is also very usefull! Specially for vulgar mortals like me.

Ahhh, open source…

Hey, great job! Next step (but don’t take it from me) is to add nor mapping or dispacement mapping. That would rock.


Ok, I just tried it out. I had to turn on hardware accelereation for it to work (obviously, now it depends on it being on (which is a good thing (except that my videocard is rather unstable with blender :expressionless: ))). Vary good. Strange thing is it skips a lot. Like, the frame rate will fluctuate between fast and slow (average 80 - 90). But when Enable All Frames is enabled, I get a frame rate over 100 and it doesn’t skip anymore. Very stange.

Anyway, good job again. I think I’ll find use for this!

Snailrose, again you made some people amazed about your work. Same for me, this is awesome with some work you can quite good lightning effects in the game engine, but with you multi-texture stuff we can add even more realisme to walktroughs and games.

Magine the multi-texture feature be used for faking shadows, a lot lighter then real shadows in levels, and runs on fairly all quite old graphic cards. I’m still stuck with a Geforce 2 TI and now I see the support of this in games going down, so time to buy a new one. :wink:

amazing! thanks. I look forward to it in the official release :stuck_out_tongue:

hey man, why don’t you add this feature to the dreamkatana’s Work? i’ve noticed that mouse over doesn’t work

Great work snailrose!

With lightmapping the problem is that Blender itself does not support multiple UV sets for a single mesh.(The engine too)

If you allow for a second uv set and python access to it in the game engine lightmapping will not be a problem. Just load saved uv coord’s at scene’s start with a script.

well it supports very primitive, light mapping right now
take for instance, you have a scalable repetitive texture.

In the material panel use the size x & y to scale it to the size you want (25,25) and apply a 2nd texture
at scale (1,1).

All it does is scale the meshes uv cords, by the value provided, broken down into two single sets based on the original cords. Which like i said is very primitive, but it works for basic stuff.

Excellent work dude!

I’ve noticed a number of people asking for texturing for rendering to be the same as texturing for the game engine!

This would be great to see in the 2.40 build, to allow more artists to see the power of the Game Engine!!! Also, a lot of 3D artists using Blender for rendering only may use the GE to do a fly around, now that they don’t have to re-texture their scene etc.

With this type of update, and the great new physics from Erwin, the 2.40 GE could totally rule!


Superb :stuck_out_tongue:

When I run the demo it tells me that blender has encountered a problem and needs to close. I have experienced this problem before with another file but in that case I believe it was the textures. Is this a glitch or just some other problem.
Possibly because of my old computer; its running with a NVIDIA GeForce MX (with TV out but thats probably irrelevant)

I get the same problem with my computer at work. It’s got no 3D accelerator card that I’m aware of, so I guess that must be the problem. :-?

Keith. 8)