multitexture: how is it possible?

dear blenders,
do you know a way to do this?

It’s a useful map because sometimes I need just one shader and multiple texture maps to assign to several objects.
Instead of the ObjectID or FaceID (that are 3dsmax related) I’ll be happy to have at least a random assignment.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve found that bwide node pack contains something is near to what I’m looking for.

What I can’t do is to set an ID to the 3d mesh because, if it’s possible, I should use the “selector 0-1” group node from bwide.
Do you know a way to set this ID to the mesh?

In blender, every object has an index to use for this kind of use?

If someone is interested, what I was looking is doable using Object Pass Index as selector in the multicolor selector group node by bwide.

A bit of work to add input colors/textures but it works… :slight_smile: