Multitexture or GLSL


I am making a game in Blender and I am wondering if to make the best looking game you need Multitexture or GLSL shaders? I thought the answer was immediately GLSL but it doesn’t look like there are any shadows in GLSL, and the lights can be seen around corners on the floors. Is there a way to get GLSL to look good, or do I use Multitexture?

(Nicholas_A) #2

Multi texture shouldn’t even exist anymore this day in age. I only ever use glsl and so does about 99% of other blender game makers. Glsl does have shadows so I’m not sure what you were talking about there.

(Nemescraft) #3

I don’t know what good Multitexture has, it’s only for really low-end PCs, I think. For example, UPBGE doesn’t even let you pick, it’s GLSL by default. GLSL can use OpenGl scripts, shadows and nice effects.

(Daedalus_MDW) #4

why we even have multi-texture is beyond me. classic blender, keeping everyone in the stone age.

glsl does in fact have sun shadows, and alot of other pretty things.


There is no shadow in front of the cube.

(sdfgeoff) #6

Point lights do not have shadows, but sun and spot lights do

(Nemescraft) #7

Yes, use Sun type in most cases, except torches or somethibg similar, where you could use Spot type. Remember to enable the Shadows option, and check if the Frustum Size is big enough to fit where you want shadows.

(sdhy) #8

For cartoon colours in game, multi-texture hasn’t been working out for me.
GLSL has, though! :slight_smile:

Also, GLSL and alt+z textured view game simulation will look just like Blender Render!
(At least for me and material colours).
So if you already have something in Blender Render, you don’t have to change it for a game!

Though one thing I like about multi-texture is it works on my old old laptop, whereas GLSL doesn’t :frowning:
(though I might buy a new one soon anyways.)

Oh, but if the lamp is too far away, GLSL shadows don’t work.
Scaling the lamp to make its shadow box didn’t seem to help.
And as someone else already said, the type of lamp matters.

(Jorge Bernal) #9

Check “Show shadow box” in lamp tab and modify clip start/clip end. All the objects in the box should project shadows

(Nemescraft) #10

The size of the box doesn’t depend on the sun’s scale, but on its frustum size.