I just want to know how to apply multiple texture on a single object in 2.5x?
If you can give me any tutorial link that would be nice but just don’t provide video links plz. As I can’t watch them with this connection.
I tried to follow a tutorial from katsbits, but my blender is not doing what the tutorial is saying or showing.

Thanks in advance

Ok, just got it. I was clicking the wrong button :o.


in case anyone stumbles on this thread, here’s a tut:

check the first link in my sig for a precision method involving UV mapping. I haven’t updated it for 2.5 series, but it should be basically the same.

@ gregzaal:
Thank you. That tutorial is helpfull. I did not know how to apply previously created material on a new one. It was bothering me.

@ Modron:
thank you for your reply.