Multitexturing: Main + Detail maps (each with different UV set)

Okay, I give up. I’ve been trying all day to come up with a decent solution for this, but it’s no use.

The scenario is:
I have a fairly large object (a ship) that needs to be textured in detail. The gimmick is, the texture must be first-person detailed, id est an avatar standing onboard should see all the nifty details (cracks, bolts, dirt, …) on the hull and so on. After unwrapping the mesh I’ve realized that to achieve satisfactory level of detail the texture would have to be at least 8192×8192 - which is a no-go for contemporary hardware (game engine with say… tens of similarly textured ships).

With a decent 2048×2048 texture I can paint all the basic from-distance details, but especially interior texture would have to be more detailed.

The only solution I can think of is applying another - detail - texture to the object where needed. Thus my question is: How to apply a texture on a specific face only, all with it’s own UV ? Or better yet, is there a better UV-based solution available ?

Thanks for reading this far :spin:

first separate your mesh if you can. it s the simpliest way. but if you need multiple uv i t s really easy create uv for all your boat, create your base texture. create a new uv, create a second texture with alpha, you will the have to type the name of the uv to be used in the map input channel for each texture