Multitexturing problems

I’ve created a cube. Now I want to add textures for the numbers 1-6 for each of the cub’s faces.
For having a better impression of the texturing itself I’ve chosen Arabian digits instead of points.

First I added the “1” to the front, then the “2” to the right side, then the “3” to the left … I think you guessed it :wink:

But here the problem starts: “1” and “2” are shown properly, but the “3” on the cube’s left side is drawn mirrored. I have turned on and off almost every option in the menus, but Blender is still not good to me and thinks the number “3” (and only this one …) has to be drawn mirrored … buhuhuuuuuuuuu :frowning:

The second problem is that during my fight with Blender’s Material-options :wink: I have created several garbage-Materials I don’t need – but I can’t delete them (only the links) and up to now this makes the scene quite complex. How I delete them now?

Thanks for the help

1 - did you use UV texturing or material indices? if uv - go into the image window and scale the vertices along ONE axis to -1 (i.e. - mirror).

2 - if you did material indices instead, so that you have 6 different materials with 6 different texture, go to the material buttons and search for the sliders labeled “sizeX, sizeY and sizyZ”… try which axis you need to scale to -1, this should fix your problem#



try the uv tut in my signature.

Thanks for the fast reply!! :smiley: The numbers are now placed correctly (I had used materialindices).

Does someone also know, how to delete the obsolete materials (and not only the links)?

afaik they are deleted after restarting blender… may be wrong though

OK thx.