Multithreading for BL?

looking at differences between AMD Ryzen R5 and R7

looks like R7 have Multithreading but not R5

so is it important for BL to have Multithreading ?

note: could not find tech forum

thanks for feedback
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Blender Open Data → Search Data

what do you mean ?

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Google search “Blender Open Data” then “Search Data” you’ll see.

are you taking about pages with speed test for processors ?

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You comment here the exact model of Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 that you have in sight.

You see the following single thread benchmark here:

If you click on the double arrow down to the left on each CPU model, you will be able to see characteristics such as number of threads.

i know the number of threads for R5 and R7
but it seems R7 is supposed to be multithreading but not R5
R5 has 6 Threads - R7 has 12 Threads

so my question is more what is the difference and is it important for blender speed on CPU may be ?

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Both can handle multiple threads tasks, the difference is that Ryzen 7 has more threads than Ryzen 5. But not all of them are equally good in single threaded performance. Single threaded performance is also important to Blender. So you do not neglect either of the two features in your choice. Within your budget, you get something balanced between single thread performance and number of threads.

If you mention here what are the exact CPU models you have in mind, users will be able to give you better advice.

Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 5 3500 Processor

R7 have to find one equivalent or a little better then R5

i saw a page comparing the 2 and it mentioned the multithreading things for R7 but not R5
so wondering if it is important for BL speed on CPU

i know that R7 seems to be running faster then R5 but also prices are higher too so kind of a compromise for Speed VS cost

not easy to find the best Speed VS cost on the market right now !

looking for something around 1200
and not easy to get a medium system right now

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Don’t worry, they are all multi-threaded.
Can you afford an AMD Ryzen 5 3600? I think that in the $200 range it is better balanced between single thread performance and number of threads (12 threads), so you will get better times for Cycles render or physics simulations for example.

have to find a system with that one
i got one for the AMD Ryzen™ 5 3500 Processor
and GTE 1650

but i can ask for the R 3600 and see if there is a system like that !
will see
but not certain i can get one right now - problems with chips availability right now on market

i will keep looking

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