Multitool: Karaoke Screwdriver Set

Here’s the final render for the weekend challenge (multitool theme):

Click the thumbnail. Created and rendered in Blender 2.31a with ray tracing.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s really good and a great idea, too! :smiley:
The materials look awesome, except for that darker part in the screwdriver handle maybe; it’s a bit odd to me.

Thanks! I know, the black part was supposed to be rubbery, a surface for gripping, but then it wasn’t the greatest texture (two lame rectangles :P)

Thanks for checking it out!


Yeah, great idea - where can I order one? :slight_smile: I really like it, only the shadows could be a bit smoother…



Thanks, Thorsten :smiley: I’m using the new ray shadow lamps with the highest settings (8 samples, 10 soft) as well as OSA 16, but the shadows still weren’t as smooth as I hoped. Not many jpeg artifacts since I used pretty low compression (15% I think). Maybe if I used more lights at lower energy levels (maybe even a fake GI dome using ray lamps, which I haven’t tried yet) there’d be more even/softer dispersion of light and shadows. I’ll continue to work on that in future renders.


Found out I had some time left, so the handle was fixed :wink:
Check the first post for the update.