Hello everyone. I’m not exactly sure I should post this here (this is pretty much my first post in the forum). Since I do need critique though, figured I’d go ahead and post it.
This is just a personal project I’ve been working on for a couple weeks. It involves a visual representation of multiple universes (I hope that’s clear enough in the image itself).

Main problems I have so far:

  • couldn’t find quite the right background image (the angle is a bit off, probably)
  • the blending of the portal could be better
  • any other problems you might see

Just noticed a couple more problems, the grass distribution is kinda nasty in the second nearest platform and the vignette is maybe too strong, I’m going to fix them if you have an agreement.


Nope, it’s not, each door should be a representation of that universe, and in this case all are the same, only a tree differences the first one from the rest. Even making each door different, because the background that could be interpreted like portals to different places from the same universe, even from the same planet; so the background has to be something out of this world, something that suggest you are not in this dimension anymore.

Eww, I can see what you mean. That would involve changing the entire image drastically though, and I’m afraid I would tend not to do that. I know I posted it under “Focused Critique” but it’s too late for me to make significant changes to the concept and to the overall style. Y’know, I didn’t really want it to feel “out of this world”.
I can agree, though, that the concept is not clear enough in the actual image. Would adding the title help?

Well I was meaning something like this:

I suppose including the title would help, the thing is adding the title without breaking the composition of the image.

I am afraid that’s not the kind of style that I’m going for, I appreciate the help anyways. You do have a point, I just don’t find it to be quite what I’m looking for.

Even if you don’t change anything, asking for critique is useful as long as you take what you can and apply it to your next project.
It’s never too late to revisit a piece a work. I would suggest you shelve it, think about it for a while and revisit it later. You have the seed of a concept, but you need to flesh it out a bit more.

Right you are, I just feel it’s a bit too late to apport substantial changes to this project now, I’ll be sure to remember all of the critiques I can take for future works. Regarding this project, I just needed some technical help.

Although I agree with the previous suggestions, I must say that I like the surreal interpretation you gave to the subject.


Well thanks! Surreal looks like a good word to describe the kind of style I was trying to achieve.
It appears my posts need to be moderated, so my answers are probably going to arrive a bit late.

The pic I showed you was only an example, my intention was showing something surreal, something that you won’t find in nature anywhere in this universe; of course it was only a suggesting, I won’t feel annoyed or something like that if you decide not to follow.

If I was you, I would insist with your style SubjectNameHere, even if I understand that it could appear too normal at first glance, so maybe you could try and add a touch of weirdness, I don’t know, maybe a sort of halo around each universe. Just a thought.

Keep it up.


I’ll think about it. For the time being, I just fixed a couple problems in the original image and unless there are other critiques this is probably going to be the finished result.
Regarding the concept not being clear, I thought changing it to something a little more generic might help, something like “Gateway”.

I think I expressed myself badly, I like the original title (the subject), I was meaning only that some small ‘effects’ could give someway the sense of ‘out of this world’.


i like the image, but i feel that the vignette could be a bit more subtle

No, I understood what you meant, my reply was unrelated to your post.

I like the idea and tone - kinda reminds me of this: . Here’s a few thoughts on how I think you could improve it…

  1. It was a while before I noticed that thee was a grassy scene inside the first shed. Maybe emphasise this with either lighting or composision? Have it darker outside and have the light coming from inside the shed? Bring it closer to camera?

  2. Should we see inside more than one shed? See a different world in the other shed?

  3. how come only one world-portal gets a tree?

  4. I think overall composision could be better… get the idea these are spiralling into the distance, but it seems there are only 4, and it’s not as dynamic a composision as it could be. Try putting together a thumbnail - quickly drawing a spiral and placing a series of boxes on it in a pleasing way…

You’re totally right, that’s some really good critique you got there, I’ll be sure to fix those problems as soon as I can.
I’ll make the grassy interior brighter, I think that might do the trick.
I also thought about making other interiors visible, I don’t think that’s going to be possible if I keep this composition, I’ll give it a go anyways.
Regarding the tree, to be fair, I only put one to speed up render times a bit and because I really didn’t feel the need to repeat each element in every platform. Thinking about it, I might put different objects in the other ones to make them a bit more varied.
I will change the composition a bit, and add some platforms in the distance.

Thanks everyone for the help.

I changed the composition a little bit, added some more platforms in the background and brightened up the portal. I’m not entirely satisfied with the lighting.

It’s nice, but the tree is clipping the house and really bother me.Also, I’d make the saturate/increase contrast on the background a little. It looks washed out.