Multy-render script to render single image on separate computers (Unix)

Here is another one (easy configurable) script for multiple render blender images.

This script I wrote for myself, mainly because I needed little renderfarm, with no graphical environment on my PCs.
So, this script doing very basic managements. It works only in Unix env, basically because it depends on such tools:

  • ssh, scp - copying blend, executing blender;
  • ImageMagick - compositing results;
  • xdg-open - open result viewer (of cause optionally).

What you need to start render on remote PCs:

  • create and copy rsa keys to every PC, to allow flawless authorization, without password prompt;
  • install blender on every PC, make it be visible in your PATH;
  • ensure that you have access for write in /tmp directory;

… that’s all.

Now add ssh access string for every pc in configuration file renderfarm.conf, like so:
[email protected]
[email protected]

And add “localhost” if you want you local machine be render node too.

Than execute this script in blender via command line:
blender -b project.blend -noaudio -P /path/to/script/

The renderfarm.conf should be in the same directory as project.blend.

It will check accessibility of nodes, copy blend, execute blender on every PC.

Set “border” to true in render options, and don’t forget to pack you blend, before you start.

You can get script here:

As I said it was written for my own purpose, and I will still modify it with some needs, so feel free to check for updates, if you feel that script is useful for you.