Mumbai Slums

I am working on a slum game level why? Because I have been modeling neat town and city stuff and I have not done slums yet lol.

First slum house is done:


Slum apartment done:

Really nice texturing. It just seems to me a little strange that the roof of the house is so thin and 2dimensioal and you could maybe add some small details: cables, electrical energy meters, fuse boxes or something like that. For the building I like more the model and a little less the texturing: I0n my opinion it’s a little too uniform and maybe turning the walls, or just part of’em, of the same white plaster of the house could help. Anyway, really cool assets!

Thanks for the suggestion mate. I think yeah to make it more realistic I should add those little details


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I’ve been playing around with the scalp mode dynotopo. I’m sculpting damaged concrete flooring

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