Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Modeled, sculpted, and painted using Blender. Rendered using mix of GLSL viewport and Blender Internal. Some post process on GIMP to fix hair alpha.

Inspired by timbougami


Truly a masterpiece
Great work

wow amazing work well done can you but nodes for skin texture and cloth

Love it. All your characters always have so much “character” to them, the subtle posing really makes them stand out from the rest.
Great job!

Great work!

Thanks everyone for the nice replies!

Thanks man! This one is really made my day!
Actually I’m still sucks at many stuff like proportion and anatomy. I’m trying to hide them by tweaking colors and other point of interest. :o

These are my node setup for skin and jacket, the font is really small but I hope you can still see them. I put my textures mostly on color material and sometimes on specular materials and other place.


That looks great!!!

Very good character, so nice and good job too !

Everything looks pretty spot on but the face is way off that it looks like an entirely different character.

This is a cool character, I like a lot the details that she have, I agree with Seric about her face, is pretty beautifull, you nailed the reference, for me is a 5 starts work!


I really like this work. Beautifully done.

Looking gorgeous^^

Thanks for all the nice words, I really appreciate all of you guys! :slight_smile:

I tried to stick to the reference, not the real anime. But yeah, I’m not really sure about my result either… :o

nice work i like how she,s turned into