Hey guys,

This is the mummy I’m working on that I told about in my post about my first ‘payed work’… :). Oh yeah, it’s real fun work…

cool. how did you make the bandage body?

Quite simple actually, just start like you’ll box-model a character, and then split the rows of faces, connect one of the lower row to the upper row so you’d get a continuing row of faces circling around, and start tweaking.

I’ve continued working on the mummy, here’s a pic:


Pretty cool :slight_smile: I like the concept.

Hey guys, what do you think of this? I did a lot of changes to the design of my partner in crime… I still have to work on the UV-layouts for almost everything. I’ve only used a texture for the head-parts so far…


That’s cool!
Like the style a lot. That’s a really good use of the toon look as well.
You’re going to rig him, right?

We do plan to rig him, first to make it possible to give him different poses for the illustrations in the book, but later to animate too. We’re not yet sure how we’ll use him, and for what purposes he would fit, but he indeed would be real fun to see in an animation… :slight_smile:

This is developing in an interesting direction.
Can’t wait to see it rigged.


I like it a lot, great style. Looking forward to the development of this character :slight_smile: