Mundrop`s Animated Stories

Hi Everyone!

I`m Salvador Artero,founder of Mundrop, an animation studio from Granada (Spain), and I want to present our latest project “Historias Animadas”(Animated Stories). “Historias Animadas” is a product arising from the approach of two worlds: The Digital Marketing and 3D Animation, and It consist in pieces of about 50 seconds where we tell the story of your company, or your services, from an emotional or funny Storytelling, and moving away from the classic corporate video made with “motion graphics”. Of course, we work with Blender.
Hola a todos!!

Soy Salvador Artero, fundador de Mundrop, un estudio de animación situado en Granada (España). Me gustaría presentaros nuestro último proyecto “Historias Animadas”. Historias Animadas es un producto que surge del acercamiento entre dos mundos: el Marketing Digital y la Animación 3d. Consisten en piezas de cerca de 50 segundos donde contamos la historia de tu empresa o servicios, desde un storytelling emotivo o divertido; y alejándose del clásico video corporativo hecho con “motion graphics”. Por supuesto, trabajamos con Blender.

Website Link: (Sorry about the language. We`ll soon translate the website to English.)

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Thanks and Enjoy!

The character is adorable! And I love the little Facebook, google plus, and twitter cube bird thingies!

Great work!

That was great! Perhaps this video should be on Facebook to get more views? Hint Hint

Thanks people!
We’d love to have this on facebook. For our part, it is posted on all of our networks …
by the way, there will be more stories of our “social network boxes” … stay tuned!