Murder Mystery Game

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything in Blender. Today I had an idea. A simple game with a possibly complex story. A murder mystery.

I have a general idea of how the game will play out. It’s a first person game, controled with the mouse and keyboard. I have started designing the area, an old mansion. I have run into a problem, though. The game is looking alright when I run it inside Blender, but it looks horrific when I create a runtime. I’m not sure how to fix the problem. I’ll try, but I have very limited knowledge of the game engine. If anyone has any idea what the problem could be, please let me know. Here are two screencaps:

-inside blender

-the runtime

What is Runtime??(dumb question?)…

Looks really good!..
Crit on the textures…
there is a lot of wood…You should make some Wallpaper that has like folded off the wall so that some of the wood shows…and have holes in the wall paper…

Other then that…looks really good

Lilgrudgeboy: Theh EXE
Yeah, blenderplayer has alot of issues…
Try setting everything to “Light”. (Texture face tab)

Theres a bug with the new 2.47 blenderplayer. If your using 2.47 to make the .exe, then thats the problem.

Alright. Does anyone know if 2.46 works alright for runtimes?

Thanks, by the way. I think I’m gonna divide the wall and make the bottom have red wallpaper.

2.46 should work fine yeah.

Yeh 2.46 is fine for making runtimes.

Just use 2.46 until a fixed version of 2.47 comes out. :yes:

It is a really cool game with nice graphics…

Thanks for all the replies. I started over from scratch in an older blender release. It took me a few hours, but it was worth it. The past few days have been spent trying to get the spacebar to open up a door. I finally got it! To celebrate, I added some sounds. A droning horror ambience, along with door opening and closing sounds, and footsteps and creaking that are so ambiguous, you can’t tell whether or not they’re your footsteps, or someone elses. My blender game engine and python knowledge is limited, but I will do my best to bring my idea to life. I will post what I have so far as a runtime if anyone wants me too, but i need to scale the sound files down. They take up 20 megs right now.

Also, what ever happened to only needing 2 dlls to use a runtime. I need like 20 now. They themselves take up 11 megs. Oh well. If anyone knows anything about that, let me know. Thanks again. I’ll post what I have in a minute probably.

I’ve whittled everything down to 8 mb. Keep in mind this is just a test, though I probably will use everything I have so far and just build on it. Anyways, here’s the link:

Nice work there! I loved the main character’s animation as he walks. Nice texture work too. The sliding of the stool/bin thing was a little strange though =P

Though messages to the doors will mean you have to make hundreds of different words or combinations of words to make them all different. Might I suggest a ray sensor altering a property in the object? Something like

if hasattr(ray.getHitObject(), prop):
    ray.getHitObject().prop = 1

Then you could just make the object do something when its property changes. This means that you don’t have to give it a different message for every object.

Anyway, I hope that you finish this game; I’d love to play it in its final form.

Thanks bluesocarrot. I’ll take that into consideration. The wastebasket thing was just a test. Did the sounds fire alright? The door, the ambience, the sound with the wastebasket?

Thanks again for the reply.

Nah mate. No sound. It says that it failed to load the samples.

Check your file; it’s directory dependant. [C:\Users\Jvizzle\Documents\Blender\Games\mystery\Organized\samples\doorclose.wav](file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Hamish/My%20Documents/mystery/samples/horror%20ambience1.wav)
is an example.

In the sound block, it should read //samples/thing_here.wav
e.g. //samples/doorclose.wav

I changed them and they worked fine. Well, except for the footsteps. The ambience music was played instead.

I’m pretty sure you can also pack the sound as data in the .exe, although don’t quote me on that.

I might have fixed the problem, but I might not have. I just realized that blender automatically changes the sound file paths to their full path (i.e. c:/blahblah/game/sound). Thanks for the reply bluesocarrot. Here’s the file just in case it’s fixed:

I’ve figured out a way to load only what the player can see in order to manage memory usage. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could run through this build and make sure of a few things. The most important things are:

I’ve figured out a way to load only what the player can see in order to manage memory usage. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could find the time to run through this build and make sure of a few things. The most important things are:
-when you open the door, the room is there
-when you go back down the hall that the stairs are there
-the sound is working(i’ve packed the sound files this time)

To anyone who plays this, I thank you.

EDIT: Oops. Here’s the file: