Murder? :UPDATE:

I always try to make a picture for Halloween in blender… and this year i had real trouble thinking of a scene… yesterday i had an idea, and this is my ‘attempt’ to visualize this idea…

i wish i could have done it better but…I’m just not that good with blender, i stopped using it for about 10 months, but this is my, not-so-triumphant return.


The title of the piece is-


Rendered in yafray, took about 3 hours… and i overdone the DoF. i think…

what do you think


I adjusted the DoF and it doesnt seem much different to me… but there it is

i altered some things to reduce render times and its now only 30 mins for a render at 1024 x 768

By flurp

lol. this is great

Nice Scene but the DOF is definitly overdone.

Yeah, I agree with musk here. I think there’s real potential, but the DOF is ruining it for me. Must be tough to adjust considering your render time.

haha great image!
5 stars

Yeak i agree to much :frowning: but great idea i tried something like that but i didnt have that much modeling skills :frowning: oh well great job.

Did you use a DOF node or the old mblur technique? That looks wierd, not like DOF, just streaked. Great idea though :slight_smile: I like the bumps on the in-focus part of the pumpkin, is that sculpted or normal-mapped?

I used Yafray’s built in DoF, i used quite a high aperture of the camera… im gonna reduce it, and render it again, hopefully it will turn out better this time

EDIT: and the pumpkin texture is just normal map

I updated the image, in first post… It doesn’t seem much different

I like the dof! it looks scaaaary!

the DoF is alittle overdone, but you can still tell what it is. good job!