Hello everyone!

Another work finished, this time inspired in the old Robocop movies. Blender and Cycles, Photoshop for textures.


excellent modeling and shading! you just nailed the robocop material! I would just suggest you to make yout image a bit brighter, it looks very “grey”

Super Cool! Good job!

thats pretty cool :slight_smile:

Looks great, it would be nice to see the whole figure but I understand that it would be quite time consuming. I think a lighter or different colour in the background might make the character pop a bit more.

Very cool, brings back some memories! Nice hard surface modelling.

it’s too clean/polished. It would look great with more wear and tear, impacts of some sort. Murphy’s face could do with some imperfections, some darker area where facial hair grow?

I really like this. Nice modelling. Carry on! :slight_smile:

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This is magnificent! I always loved your style, Lucas. Cheers.


Ahh this is brilliant! Congratz! All these creations are just good proof that blender can stand tall against all the other softwares!

Awesome ! Better than before :wink:

@bruno_borgiani, thanks for the feedback! I tried to put more contrast on the image in Photoshop, I don’t know exactly what I did wrong, but the color information outside Blender compositor was very limited, specially the background. Even though I did saved a TIFF 16 bits… :spin:

@Chosen_One, thank you!

@peter18, thanks!

@seanser, thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I didn’t want to lose to much time on this, so this is why I choose to did just his bust.

@JoolsMcFly, Yes I agree. There is some maps there, to break a little bit the evenness of the surface. I will try to push more texture detail, if looks more cool I update here. I actually painted some bluish tones where the hair grows in his face, but it’s is very subtle.

@reynante, thanks Reyn! Appreciate your words. :slight_smile:

@123ERTYY, thanks! Yeah softwares it’s just tools and Blender it’s a very powerful tool. :slight_smile:

@3d_slider, thanks!

The wires… :B