Musaphonic radio

Today’s project. This is a model I built back in 2003 in Lightwave. I imported it into Blender to try an improve upon it. All the clear plastic with the reflections is challenging. Blender’s surfacing works so differently from Lightwave. I’d appreciate any pointers.

Also included here some pictures of the actual radio.

The Lightwave render from 2003. I’m not getting that nice glow behind the dial like I got here. I don’t know what settings to tweak.


I am no material expert but i like the model!
You need something like a smokey glass right for the inside blue dome?

Well i would either add a Voronoi node (color) and bump node (height) to your glass shader node. You will obtain 4 nodes in total. Then you should add scratches to your model to help with realism. (Sculpture mode or texture also to your displacement output node)

Or add noise texture node with multiply node connected to displacement of the output node.

But like i said i am not really that good at nodes so i don’t know complex ones that would make it look real. Also you should make the gap bigger between the blue dome and the transparent plastic front panel. This way you get a better separation like in the real picture.

Thanks for commenting!
I’m not sure what you mean by blue dome. Here are some matcap shots to show you the geometry.
I’m going to remodel that dial. I kinda cheated it with texture maps. I think it will work better if I model all of it more accurately.

I also don’t understand any of what you explained about the textures. I’m really new to Blender, and I find nodes confusing, and I don’t know how most of them work yet. I’ll upload some screenshots.

On this one, I think I get better looking results with EEVEE. The dial numbers look correct here, but not in Cycles.

I made the clear plastic face a separate object.

My textures, materials

Speaker grill, with logo. I would like to make the little plate with logo look like metal, while retaining the plastic look of the rest of it. I know this setup isn’t right. The plate is looking very dark now, and I don’t know what’s causing it. I also made a alpha channel for the actual logo, which is painted onto the metal. It shouldn’t have the metalness, since it’s paint, but I’m not sure how to achieve this.

This is the clear plastic with the dial numbers. I’m pretty sure this is wrong too.

Thanks for the advice!

I see I need to explain :slight_smile:

Well from the real pictures this component (pointed by the arrow) looks blue and kinda spherical, like a dome or maybe it just has a radial-gradient (and that is “easy” to make in Nodes in Blender)

But on the 3D model, the blue stuff is transparent (missing almost) and also is very close to the main plastic cover.

So I was thinking that you need real plastic material (there are many on youtube and one might fit for you) and also make the blue circle that is inside pop or be visible :slight_smile: is that it?

Oh, I see what you mean now. No, that is just flat, frosted or translucent plastic. It’s more of a neutral gray, it’s just reflecting bluish light I guess. This has a light behind it, and has a warm orange glow to it. The bulb is toward the bottom, so it gets brighter there. Also, it’s somewhat reflective. You’re right, I think I should look up some materials online, and tweak them.

That ring around the opening is metallic, so yeah, I need to work on that. I’m just noticing that small lettering is gold too. I may try to use vector objects, since I’ve already created them in Photoshop.
You can see here that the dial pointer thing has a raised logo in it, with a metallic silver gold background, and the clear plastic part covers it. Currently, my model only has textures applied. I’m going to remodel all of that to make it more accurate.

Here’s another shot. I can see I have some things to fix. Those knobs are made of clear plastic, but they’re all scratched up. They’re still really transparent on my model.

This is the logo I would like to get right, but I don’t know exactly how to do that yet.

Thanks again for your help!

Oh, I’m also having trouble with the interior light leaking through the model and illuminating the bottom of the speaker grill. It shouldn’t be doing that. It’s inside the radio. I made it small. I thought that would set the falloff for it. Is that incorrect? Should I use a shader to do this instead? I’d had it set up in Lightwave with a light and subsurface scattering, and that looked really nice. It’s not working so well here.

To make the knobs you need scratches. I would try searching on google Blender scratch node material -> and don’t worry if some have a bad accent. Also, painting helps to make some areas mate, others glossy and that is neat.

If you have specific questions like why light leaks (show pictures but more in detail of the area) should post on Reddit also:

These are some that helped me to add grunge:
This was to add mate/glossy areas:

I am sorry I cannot help more…