muscle bulg

after mastering the modeling and basic ik setup and horroble weight button selections i asked myself about how to simulate a muscle bulg of let me say an arm or a leg.


Uhhh…is that a question? :wink: You might want to consider rephrasing that to make what you’re looking for a little clearer.


hu concentration:

i try to animate a real muskle bulg and found sone tutorials or information regarding using an additional bone for the muscle part. the problem is that well a bone only deforms in one way or along on axis. when you rotate your arm you bizeps will expand in all directions and against you bone as well.

im curious if this should be done by a lattice but i cannot get it to work,


Then use a bone for each axis.

cekuhnen: your question was very clear.

Lattice: not an option since parenting the arm to the lattice would disable the deformation of the armature

The only really way to do would be my using other smaller bones and then, either using an Action constraint (some bugs though) or the NLA to decide when the muscle buldge or not.

Or you can use a very good weight system (for an example of that, download Blendo.blend from


Sorry…I know I’m not very helpful but I feel bad when I see someone ask a question and nobody says anything, so I just try to throw ideas out to get people’s brains going. I apologize if I caused any problems.

No harm done, but you can hardly call 1 hour without answers no answers at all, can you?

Try learning a little patience, of course, throwing ideas like this might be helpfull, but maybe wait a little bit and see if anyone has a more precise answer before, ok.


Gotcha…I’m also a bit bored. That doesn’t help…

thankx teeth

the site is down at the moment but i will chekc back later.