Muscle Car "Chief Bird", OpenGL Render

Recently, I finished a muscle car I was working on for about a month.

It’s based on several famous real-life muscle cars such as the Plymouth Roadrunner, the Plymouth Barracuda, and the Mustang '69 Fastback. Rather than copying one specific car, I wanted to make a car that displays the '70s muscle car era, especially the nascar/racing muscle cars.

The renders are vieport OpenGL renders, and even though the two images you see below are offline OpenGL renders (render time ~1sec), they look just like what I see in my viewport in realtime.

The polycount is 25470 tris, 10 textures were used, ranging from 256x512 to 2048x2048.

And even though it’s finished, feedback on what I could have done better is appreciated, of course.

I’m gonna post two wire renders once they’re finished.


love it :slight_smile:

woow Analdin it’s pretty good! I don’t know why it get me the feel of a sci-fi muscle car, and it’s great. It would be great to see the lights on, that would be a nice detail.