Muscle Car

Its just a muscle car blueprint I made with gimp.I was going to make it but I got bored.If anyones interested they can have it.I dont think its 100% accurate but it should be ok since its a concept that doesnt have to be followed 100% :smiley:


ooo i want it…but a front and back view would be good…then i would model it…:slight_smile:

I cant think of a front or back sorry.But seeing as it is a concept cant you think of your own:D

aww mayn…c’mon think!maybe like those chevy impalas…ii was planning to use this for my F1 challenge project…but i guess now i cant…:frowning:

Would you like a dodge charger style front???

Nice! Simple, clean, very nice.

Is it gonna be orange? :smiley: