Muscle Car

Okay, so first off, this is my first attempt at making a model. The only experience I have with 3d sofware is a few tutorials with blender, messed around with 3ds max a bit, and just occasionally messing around in blender. So I’ve never actually tried to 100% make anything.

I want all critique on the model (just a model, no texture or anything, never looked into texturing and stuff not that far yet, so please don’t start talking about bump maps and lighting , etc.)

Side View:

Top View:

Angular View:

Angular Wireframe:

That should be all the pictures you need to give me feed back and critique on the proportions and stuff. Thank you in advance.

Also, I want to state that I’m not basing this car off of anything, it’s just a free form muscle car based off my imagination.

looks a bit boxy
you might want to sketch first

also for a first model its not a great idea to do an imaginary car without reference

I may have creased some of the edges a bit too much, that could be the possible reason it looks a bit boxy.


It’s not a bad joke or some kind of trolling. And first sorry for my poor English.

I’ll be hard and frankly. Now you’re just wasting your time. I don’t know how old are you but it looks like a 10 year old boy’s work. Don’t be offended if you’re older. Just take a patience and listen to my advice. I made the same mistakes as you are doing for now:

  1. You have no experience about “car’s anathomy”. So your car looks like some strange cartoon concept (no wings, “boxy” profiles, wrong proportions and some little “bugs”).

  2. It’s obvious that you made this without preparing a concept. I frozen my car’s concept modelling for about 60% of external view (just have no enough time). And I tell you that even if you have two or more (at least two!) views of your future model - even in this case it’s not easy to decide where you change something or not (it’s rarely possible to prepare two proper views without any experience in car concept’s development). 3d view of your car will be not exact like first plain views for a reference.

  3. Your “3d level” isn’t high enough for such a serious attempts. Remember - car isn’t a suitcase or a crate :wink:

What to do about this?

  1. If you’re sure that you are great with simple modelling - try to recreate some basic classic model of the well known car. Take blueprints (just search them - it’s easy) and create a model. Then you’ll understand “car’s anathomy” :slight_smile:
  2. It’s obvious - prepare references. It’s boosting your modelling in 5x-10x times for sure. Sometimes I repeat this mistake and then I really waste many time for imaginating “how it must be looking like”. Made a few plane sketches. If you haven’t a “strong hand” - you can use program’s rulers. I used “ArtRage” for sketching - the very simple and quite good program.
  3. If you are new to the mesh modelling - try some easier themes. Model a barrel, a bucket, a tree, a piano, a chair, a sound speaker… Something like this. Something simple. When you’ll hear from people who you don’t know - “wow! it’s awesome! really neat model!” and other pleasant words then you’re ready for some serious modelling.

@ Moolah

Jesus Christ, what is your problem. Thank you, I’m pretty set on saying “screw it” and not touching modeling ever again. Thank you so much for the help for a !!!BEGINNER!!!, jerk.

have you actually read what he has said??, anyway, models good

Do actually want help or should we just skip all that and proceed to empty praise singing. He give you some pretty solid advice pity you didn’t read it and take it in. I pretty much would have said the same thing Moolah said but I won’t bother.

Uff! My problem that sometimes I’m too kind :stuck_out_tongue: But sometimes guys on my works tell me - “you are mean!” when I’m really angry and trolling them hardly. :evilgrin:
If you like to make models, you must try and try! I just don’t want to be a man who convinced that you can’t do models. Every monkey is able to do models in Blender :wink: First models usually aren’t good so keep your patience! Believe me that being a 3d-artist is a pretty funny and freedom work.
3d respects patience! Patience, man, patience! :smiley:

P.S. I forgive you for your disrespect - it’s not a very important for me. But anyway, Ionee and Tyrant monkey - thanks for your words!

@ionee & tyrant monkey Yes I read what he said, and yes I saw all of the advice. But still the insults were not needed, He could have left those out and I’d have gotten just as much out of the advice.

@Moolah disrespect? Where? I don’t think I was the one insulting you when you asked for help and critique. There is a difference.


mistakes aren’t the same as accidents.
critique is not the same as insults.

A high percentage of people on this forum wants to get better at modeling, it’s a continuous process. People realize that to get better at modeling, and to solidify their knowledge, it benefits them to assist others along the way. Written feedback without a face / body language behind it can cause the message to be read in a way that was not intended. Moolah already apologized(!) for his command of English before getting to the meat of things.

I’m sure the muscle car will turn out really sweet eventually (and objectively!). The question is are you committed to getting it that far? The main point i took from moolahs post was “get a reference”. The reason for a reference is that you retain some idea of proportions while you build the car. (right now, the wheel arches look small)

What i suggest is to get a sideview picture of a cool car and do a paintover for wheels, arches, and roughly where you want the grill, tail and roof to be - and take it from there. What kind of modeling have you done in the past?

kind regards,


also check out this 10 extensive part tutorial on blender cookie:

write down the keyboard shortcuts as the video progresses. forget that he is modeling a porshe,
the thing to learn from the series is how to make decent geometry.

Moolah did’nt insult you.
i will not be offended by what he said if i were you.

truth is bitter
you just need to open your eyes
maybe this car will be completed , but then a few years later you will look back at this and say “OMG was I this bad(all relative,of course)?”
he doesn’t want you to end up with an average model so he and us all want you too improve first.

you want the same of course, this is your dream car

also read moolahs post again, you will see the tone was not insulting at all. plus, english is a second language for him

That is probably the biggest problem.

I can’t tell for sure because the car is incomplete, but it looks like it will have a wheelbase longer than a Cadillac. Muscle cars were usually based on the smaller cars. The front wheel opening seems rather small and it looks like the rear passengers may be struggling for headroom. The hood is confusing, I’m not sure what you plan to be putting under it.

A car has to be designed from the ground up. What do you see this car being used for? Drag racing? Styling on the boulevard? You might get away with the latter, but I wonder about the weight transfer for the former. What kind of motor does it have?

What you might consider doing is using photos of real muscle cars as references and then take off from there.

Well, I decided to just forget about it, and start over on a different vehicle and use an actual reference photo.

I agree that the wheel arches did look too thin, as for reference, I didn’t have an actual reference picture, I was just refering to my mind on how different cars looked that I liked, but, I’ll start over on something different and retry this.

You don’t have to make someone else car you can stick with making your own just draw a sketch first, no matter how badly you might draw or not. You can fix things on a sketch far quicker than when modeling. An hour or two of sketching will set you in the right direction also gather references, collect some photos of the kind of muscle car you like and work from there.

Here is the good collection of references:

Thanks for the reference list, I was actually thinking about testing my luck with a '75 Chevrolet Corvette. But I’ll see how that goes, and I’ll update it here more than likely instead of starting a new thread. Whenever I get around to it anyway.

Oh, and thanks for the tutorial video, I watched it, and got a little bit of information and techniques out of it.

I do have a question though, I noticed that the guy used edge loops instead of edge creasing, what’s the pros and cons of both of those and which is prefered and why?


edge creases are excellent for quick and dirty sharp edges. (unsupported by most other 3d software)
edge loops result in more geometry but allow for fluidity, you can vary the sharpness along an edge by increasing the distances between the edges from one end to the other.

I suggest experimenting with a block, subdivide it then push around vertices, and add edgeloops, then add a subdiv modifier (level 2 should be sufficient for most stuff)…and see what effects edgeloops have and what you can do with non parallel edgeloops…

bartric, there are 8 other videos in that series. watch those too, i highly recommend sitting in with the tutor as he describes the process.