muscle deformation bone


finaly a global UNDO :wink:

but the muscle deformation constraint is very cool. i realy like it and tried it out! saves me a lot of time!

thankx coders


Yes, I think this new ‘Stretch To’ constraint is very useful - I just added it to my WIP character rig last night and it seems to produce nice results ;).

I hope this is not Ton’s solution to “driven keys”.

Hehe, I don’t think so ;).

I dont think so either, I recall talking about this when you had your speech at conference…this “stretch to…” was in development before conference…I think in Tuhopuu2 (evil development branch of blender :stuck_out_tongue: )

We all know character animation needs real revision.
This fitted to the current system nicely, so i decided to do it for time beeing.
If you don’t like it , ignore it :slight_smile:

And “driven keys” yes must be … and “riggable lattices” … and …