muscle man

this man is part of a scene, he is the last person to be put in the scene, but by far the most hard to make.

my main problen is his arms, i was not sure if they looked like muscley so i turn to here for vital crits and comments.

(dont mind his hands, it’s supposed to be like that)

First off, you can tell that you stared with a cube for everything here. You need to round him out and give definition where it is supposed to be.

Check this tute here (been posting this link a lot lately :smiley: ).


Going offtopic

Gonna post that in every human modelling thread? :wink:

Even if it’s supposed to look like the guy is wearing a rubber muscle suit, the muscle forms need to be more defined. you definetly should get some references. Your proportions are odd too; the bicep is way too long compared to the forearm (the placement of the elbow is out of kilter) and the neck hole on the shirt is too small for such a muscular fellow. Definetly take a look at that link BgDM’s been whoring around lately :wink:

thanks for the relpys every one :slight_smile:

well i didn’t start of with a cube, i accually found that link you provided in another topic :stuck_out_tongue: , i didn’t read it i just glanced over the pictures and got the idea of it. i started the body in the same way the the tutorial said.

anyway, i decided to make new arms and ditch the whole idea of extreme muscle, just to make him normal muscle.

i forgot to mention in earlier post thet this is a cartoon style scene

C&C plz

Gonna post that in every human modelling thread? ;)[/quote]

Whew… I still take cracks at that one. Even though it is thourough and step-by-step, I get twisted with Kos’s knife cuts and I end up at his results through different means. I know that thee are many ways to model, but just those cuts alone takes time to figure out what he did even while looking at the pictures.
Kos is so awesome, he built the new MH Mesh. My crits on this model in this topic is: find a reference image(s) and load them into Blender’s background and try extruding a plane in different veiw ports. You may end up with more convincing muscles/limbs and [edit]may[/edit] find a modeling work flow(s).
Keep at it, I hope to be able to model a “muscle man” to completion someday.

Like BgDM linked, The Kos tutorial IS an awesome tutorial though.

thanks for the replys guys (and possibly gals)

i think that I’ve finished this man.

But i would still like C&C

now off to model a sandwhich… (you will understand when i post finished pic in finished projects :stuck_out_tongue: )