muscles engine into MakeHuman

Probably this is one of most advanced rigging system. It’s not related to Blender armature, but it’s entirely written in python. The new MHmuscle module can reproduce the muscle movement and even the nerves tension.

Thanks to new admin Z0ZeroNewton!

Read more, and download the avi of a first experiment, from



That is a fantastic bit of work :o , WELL DONE :smiley: :Z :Z , I can not wait to get my hands on the next version of Makehuman, well done indeed, and thank you Z0ZeroNewton :smiley:


Looking good!! :slight_smile: Now if you could just keep his thumb from going in his chest… LOL LOL

Seriously… great job…

Got a question… how’s the import of BVH data coming along…? Will tweaking of the muscle in the joints be ‘Global’, so no matter what animation is done the joints remember the controlled bend data?


allright!!! great job people!

Really a great job!
I think this new rigging system should be integrated in Blender and not limited to the MakeHuman plugin. :slight_smile:


This new capability looks nice, quite advanced. It does remind me of a couple of things about hand construction that need attention. First, in my version of MH, the hand sliders are reversed: left hand slider affects right hand and vice versa. Second, there is presently only one slider for hand size, and another for nail length. There should be at least two more. I’d suggest one for hand length and one for finger length, working separately.

Maybe this was already on your list? 8)


woah she’s strong :stuck_out_tongue: and also she is an X-MEN :stuck_out_tongue: she can pass through things even herself :D.dude thats awesome.

Yeah! :stuck_out_tongue:


you should try the symmetry option in the menus in order to solve that.