muscles under skin

can anybody think of a way to simulate muscles under skin? I know about the ‘stretch to’ constraint and all that you create ‘bulges’ and the like but what i’m talking about is simulating how the muscles and tendons slide around under the skin without pulling the the surface of the skin.
(Like a mouse running around under a rug creates a bump, but doesn’t pull the rug around with him wherever he crawls :stuck_out_tongue: )


intrr has a fork of Blender:

that had softbodies before Blender did, with a different implimentation. I know it was easy to do what you describe in InstinctiveBlender, I hav’nt tried with Blender’s softbodies.


I’m just guessing here, but if you were able to construct the muscles and tendens and rigged them all up, and then put a softbody skin on top of it it might have the effect your looking for. Sounds like what Fligh % suggested.

Softbodies aren’t capable of working like Khnum suggests… sorry.

The only real options are the stretch-to constraint or RVKs.
I tried to find an old thread that dealt with this fairly well, but all the links are dead (sorry).

You can also visit (Toloban’s website) for useful information on applying action constraints.

Good luck.

Why not just animate the skin to bulge up as the muscles are tightens?

The same applies when the muscles loosens. This is just a suggestion, not sure if it work or not.