Muscles *Update: Shader test bottom of page 1*

This is basically a model (well, most of so far hehe) of the human body without skin, showing the muscles groups. To be honest it is quite tricky as I had to look at various diagrams to see different angles, and each diagram drew the same things a bit differently, or different layers of muscles. So this is really more of an approximation. The spine doesn’t actually stick out like how I currently have it (because I added that for something else I have planned for this :wink: ).

This is a previous render with different lighting that I thought looked quite cool.

pretty amazing model
the amount of detail is crazy
what do you plan to do next with the model?
are you creating a character?
i’m pretty shocked at your ablility dude!

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m thinking about finishing off the rest of the muscle structure and trying to texture him up like the biology anatomy drawings you see of muscles. But it is kind of akward to model something like this so I don’t think it will be finished anytime soon hehe (man the face is going to be hard).

Ah! It’s very good.


i’d like to try a rig with stretch to constraints



On a side note, I think it would make a fantastic superhero outfit…just slap a big logo on the chest and boom…instant superhero. :wink:

Very impressive. That’s got to be one of the most realistic human figures I’ve seen. Can you post a wireframe and a non-subsurfaced pic?


Very impressive!!!

I join osxrules in asking you a wireframe… please! Give us some details about the structure… :expressionless:

(sorry for my english… )

Very nice model. Excellent attention to detail there.


I am so Impressed! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I can’t wait to see it finished. :smiley:

What the f**k! :o
What is the purpose of it? Do you use the ramp shader?

Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

Wireframe (1 level of subd, I cut off the ‘back’ of each model so they wouldn’t look messy as you can see through the mesh)

PS. Not used ramp shaders so far on this

Here is with no subdivision or setsmooth applied

MyIS kindly posted the (very nice) muscle shader he made here

And with some tweaking I applied it to my mesh and came up with this:

IMHO the version without the muscle shader is much better! The shader (which is fine) could be fine on some alien lifeform. But for a human it’s too chaotic. Veins go everywhere without any purpose.


Your English is better than most English people :wink:

I agree with Union S8 - I think the chaotic veins are not too appropriate. I’ll think of how to stretch them out to give an illusion of direction. Also, I think that the texture could be scaled down - real veins are much smaller in proportion to the entire body, I think.

Heh, looks like it was carved out of a steak :).

Oh and also, I think the veins’ specularity could be turned up - otherwise it almost looks like they’re inset.

Wow that’s very impressive. The level of detail is insane. Nice job :smiley:

P.S. The render with the muscle shader dosn’t show up, so I’m only commenting on the original renders.

Amazing details,amazing modeling!!!
:o :o :o

Wow that muscle shader looks disguisting, in a good way. You get a really visual visceral reaction from me. I do have to agree though that the size of the vein pattern should be made a little smaller and made to follow the length of the muscles if possible. But over all great job, the modelling especially is top notch.