Muscles with Shrink Wrap

Not sure if it’s worth it, but it does something. I’m sure playing for more than half an hour might get somewhere, but thought I’d post the start, as it’s an interesting idea. To me at least. Bit tight for time, so can’t play too much more at the moment.


Shrink Wrap muscle10.blend (268 KB)

I did not see that coming :smiley:
It sure is an interesting idea.

This was my first thought with shrink wrap. I used to do it in Maya years ago by building a realistic skeletal system, attaching muscles and making them deform correctly and then creating skin with a particle attached to each vert, then springs attached to opposite verts to pull them in and they would land on the muscle or bone. It allowed a lot of freedom for things like skin slide and tendons, and let me tell you shoulders worked well too.
I’m wondering if you can stack shrinkwrapped objects now.

it is worth it! :yes:

Mitso - I don’t know much about it yet, but there is a ‘projection’ mode which lets it project over two objects. I don’t think it can currently stack more than that, which would be an issue, but quite happy to be proven wrong.

Any screens or animation?

No not yet. It’s really basic at this stage, just a half torso, shoulder and two joints of an arm. Not heaps of time to play with it now, but I’m interested to look into it more later. I’ve started a little work on a muscular male character, so it might come into play there. ‘Stackable’ shrinkwrap would help a lot - ie being able to shrinkwrap one mesh over 30-40 others, preferably with just one or two modifiers.

This idea might not be useable (for production quality anyway) for another couple of versions of Blender, I just was curious if it could be done.

Second to bottom image/vid is where I got the inspiration to actually try it, I figured it could be used for something like this though.

Hmm, i rather see potential here for clothing than muscles… your file looks and behaves more like a blouse than skin IMO. intresting though…