Muscular Guy

This is my first time modeling a hipoly character. I wanted to hear some feedback on how the model is progressing, since I have most of the core done. I also want to know if I did the model’s topology correctly.
And a back view… I’m not quite sure how to model the back. Does anyone have any suggestions?

There are too many verts for too little detail.
First get the general shape, without details. Just then add more verts.
Right now they will probably only make things harder to adjust.

hey look, progress! :slight_smile:

-and, by the way, kstyle, your edge loops look great :slight_smile: (no triangles and looks like its similar resolution all around)
(well, to me anyways)

For the back view, you’ll want to get some anatomically correct topology there - in other words, probably muscles anchored to the scalpula, backbone and part of the rib cage

here are some images that should prove useful in putting in the topology :slight_smile:


have fun!

wow!! where did you get the reference??


its really good…im trying to make a person with muscles…but thats not really going so great i cant get the body good enough…

good work

That is the best muscular guy ever!

kbot - I find that hard to believe
Lilgrudgeboy - there aren’t really any good tutorials out there for it. I just kinda winged it, which is why I needed feedback. The way I did it was start at the pecs, then put a loop around the abs, then extruded in the abs. You put in loops whenever you want to emphasize a certain part, like I put in an extra loop below the pecs to bring them out more. Hope it helps, I’m still not that good at this yet…

Update! Finished up to the ankle (didn’t model the knob thingie on the ankle yet) I think the legs need more detail to make him look muscular, but I’m not sure what to bring out. Should I add more loops? I’m trying to make him look as strong as possible so I’ll have practice bringing out all of the important features and can tone it down if I want someone athletic.
Sorry, didn’t work much on the back, just added in a crease which looked better.

i just ask for your reference…lol

but thanks for that tip =)…the area next to the abs look really…weird…

its on jonathan williamson’s site, references for low poly character tutorial.
The weirdness is probably more musculature than actually exists in a person… :smiley:
I’ll smooth it out a little bit, but I do kinda want some of that definition to stay there.

o ok.

yeah it doesnt look bad…just a little weird…but i bet when you smooth it will look better

Obviously lilgrudge doesn’t have a crazy 6-pack =P

When your muscles pop that much in the abs it concaves the area next to it… which is probably the “weirdness” your talking about.

About the legs… look at your legs… what muscles stick out when you flex your legs?

Define the hamstrings alot, add muscles around the femur, and tibia, maybe a little around the fibula, but not too much.

If you don’t have muscular legs either google body-builders or just PM me and I’ll take some pics of my legs >=)

Try and get some loops going on the legs, they are quite complex in real life. The knees particularly are more than bumps.

I’d post a reference but I don’t have a decent one at hand.

Most importantly, get an anatomical reference. Look at the way the muscles flow.

Good work so far :slight_smile:

2 new renders. Worked a ton on the legs, and I think they finally look decent. Did a little bit on the upper body (neck and back), but not much. Tried a silver surfer style render. I think that style is what I am looking for. I need to keep tweaking the materials and lighting, I suck at them. The second is a normal render so you can see the details better. Any tips you could give me on achieving the silver surfer effect are appreciated. Thanks for all the feedback.

hehe Milkyman
but such huge arms? he must have extra strong bones to hold those musclemasses and not breaking in itself.

lol. He probably does. I am trying to exaggerate it somewhat (not to the extent of the Hulk), so I know how to do it and tone it down later. I just kind of extruded the shoulder area quickly, I think I’ll redo it when I do the arms.

Almost done with the main body. Arms, foot, and gasp head need to be done… For the head, do you think I should model eyes, if so, should I leave out eyeballs for an interesting effect? Which one looks best?